Let's do this game for one week, starting tomorrow morning, June 4th.

First thing tomorrow morning, choose three subjects, and spend 17 seconds just lightly focusing on the aspects you like of each one. Then watch what happens over the course of the day, and report back.

That's all! Simple, right?

We will do this for 7 days, and check in and share the delightful signs of alignment we experience!

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Here's the Abe quote that inspired me to post this. Thanks again to the amazing Swati Pal for these transcriptions!

'We would encourage that every day for the next week, first thing in the morning, you choose, lightly, three subjects and spend 17 seconds on each of them. In other words, actually sit and focus and do it. And then watch what happens in that day, usually in the first hour of your day, as the Universe shows you how responsive it is to your thought.

And once you play this game for a week or two, you’re going to know two things:
1. You’re going to know that you DO have the ability to focus, you DO have the ability to line up Energy.
2. You’re going to know that the Universe is willing and ready to respond to your vibration.

And once you’ve played this game for a week or two, you can literally take any subject that you choose, focus upon it here and there, and we would encourage you -- let’s say you have a subject, such as dollars, that you are wanting to focus upon --take a run at it from a thousand different directions.

In other words, you can spend 17 seconds remembering the best vacation you ever had. Or 17 seconds remembering the prettiest thing you ever saw in a store window. Or 17 seconds thinking about balancing your check-book. Or 17 seconds thinking of paying off all of your bills. In other words, 17 seconds—it’s just a little dab here and a little dab here and a little dab here—will go so much further than you have any idea in lining up your Energy.

We would encourage you to start with 17 seconds. Play the 17-second game for a week or two and watch, watch what that nets you.'


p.s. Since Abe has said it's sped up and now it's more like 14.5 seconds to spark the first LOA connection, feel free to do 15 if you prefer, or you can SPLURGE and do the whole luxurious 17!