I created this page so that we can share suggestions for movies, books, songs, and anything else that we find uplifting and that moves us into a higher vibration.    Unlike a FB post, this page won't just disappear, so we can come back months later to get or share ideas.

So please, share the wealth!  

What have you seen, or heard, or read that you found uplifting?  

Feel free to post in the comments, and let me encourage you to include:

  • The title
  • What it is (movie, TV show, music video, book, etc)
  • What you liked about it
  • Any other comments you feel might help people

In general, let me suggest things without violence, but if there is some violence and you feel like it's still uplifting, just mention that in the comments.  I personally don't mind swearing, but maybe make a note of that too, in case others find it hard to digest!

Suggestions for a better way to do this page are also welcome!  This is just a start!

Whoo hooo, let's have some fun!