The Three Point Turn


The Three Point Turn

A Tool to Support you in Becoming a Master Manifestor

and Creating the Life You Want!

Mastery is built on practice, repetition, and development of skill.

To develop mastery, we usually have to move through three stages:   

  • learning/thinking ... to ...
  • practicing/doing ... to ...
  • mastery/being.  

If you want to develop Manifestation Mastery, you can deliberately practice techniques that will train you to focus your attention skillfully.  That is the point of these Blissipline Mastery Practices.

The Three Point Turn

This week our focus is on the Three Point Turn.

I have practiced the Three Point Turn with countless clients, and I notice it can take a little while to get the hang of it, so I encourage you to practice it a lot.  If you do it multiple times a day you will get better and better at it, and eventually it will become a habit you don't even have to think about, and your focus will just naturally turn to what you want without any effort.   

As Cheri Huber reminds us,  

"Everything we want is "built" through attention.  Everything we DON’T want is also built through attention, which is why we want to keep attention on what we want. Kindness, acceptance, presence, patience, humor, lightness, warmth, love—this is what we want and so this is where we're going to practice keeping attention."


Three Great Resources!

Here are three powerful resources to really help you get started.  

It's totally up to you to practice if you want to develop this skill, but I'm doing my best to set you up for success by providing you with everything you could need!  

  1. First, you might want to read the basic instructions for the Three Point Turn.  I have tried to keep it simple to get started.  As you practice this you will notice your understanding and appreciation of the process deepen, but at first you can just follow the steps.
  2. Secondly, I have also created a video explanation, in case that's an easier introduction for you to take in.  The two in combination will help you begin to deepen your understanding of the value of the practice.
  3. Three, to really develop this skill, come join us on Facebok in the Blissipline group.  There you can ask all the questions you like, and if you want we will practice three point turns together.  

You truly can train yourself into the mindset that will bring you all you want!  So give this a try and see how it can support you!

The Basics

The Three Point Turn is a way of directing your focus toward what you want whenever you notice you are focusing on something negative.  This can be very gentle and respectful.  The point is to start where you are, acknowledge it gently, and then ease in the direction of what you would prefer. 

It’s very important to do this gradually, because otherwise it will trigger an internal reaction and generate resistance, so the Three Point Turn is carefully designed to maximize your chance of actually improving your mood and increasing your alignment with what you want.

Important note:  You will know if this is working by what you feel.  If you feel ease or relief you are moving in the right direction.  Your feelings are your best indicator of how this is going.


• Step 1 •

You can use the three point turn whenever you notice you are thinking thoughts, or expressing beliefs, or having feelings that you don’t like, that are uncomfortable, or that you feel are not serving you.

Stop and notice what’s going on inside you.  Take a breath or two to mentally note what kinds of feelings are present and what kinds of thoughts you're having.  Give this a little time and be very kind to yourself and respectful of what you are feeling and thinking.  

Describe it to yourself out loud.  You can use this kind of language:

"I notice that I'm feeling/thinking/believing..."

It's very important that you don’t go into too much detail.  One or at most two sentences is enough.  This is just to acknowledge the starting point of where you are right now.  It's not complaining or describing, but more like a simple taking inventory.  Aha!  That's how it is for me right now.

Then you can complete step one by saying, “Ok, Got it!” Take a breath.  And you are ready for step 2.

Notice that while it took a minute or so to describe step 1, it only take a few seconds to do it.   This is just a simple acknowledgement of what is already here.


• Step 2 •

Once you are aware of your current uncomfortable thought, you can invite yourself to notice what you would prefer to think, or feel, or believe.  

You can use this kind of language…

"What I would prefer to feel/think/believe is..."

The is the step that turns you in the direction of what you want.

Don’t try to jump too far.  If you are miserable, don't try for joy -- just for the easiest next thought that brings a feeling of relief.  

Sometimes it might just be the exact opposite of what you are thinking:  I notice that I'm anxious.  I would prefer to feel calm.  Or it might be a little more nuanced.  

As you do this, stop and take a breath and notice how this feels.  Remember: You will know if it’s working by how it feels.  If you feel relief you are on the right track.

Again, give this a little time, and, feel your way forward.  If you listen to yourself, you can always discover what you would prefer, even if it’s only that you would prefer not to think or feel that thing you're thinking.  That’s a pretty good starting point.  Then as you pay attention to how you are feeling, you will be able to let more awareness of your preference arise in you.


• Step 3 •

Now that you have turned in the direction of what you want, you can increase the momentum of your positive thoughts and feelings.  Again, go slowly.  If you go too far too fast, you will probably trigger resistance, and you will know this because it stops feeling good.

In Step 3, you can add some "Wouldn't it be nice if..." statements about what you would prefer. 

You can just say one simple thing, or you can let yourself riff on this if it feels good to you. Add whatever comes into your mind as a pleasant idea.  This might lead into an extended imagination of things that would be pleasant or it might just be a short description of how nice it would be if this situation goes well.

Again, guide yourself by how you feel.  As you do this, do you feel relief?  If you feel even the teensiest little feeling of relief, you are moving in the direction of soothing and ease and the capacity to choose what you want.  

As you continue, your feelings might improve even more, so that you start to feel hopeful or eager or even confidant.  But ONLY do this as long as it feels good.  This step is usually 3 or 4 sentences, but it could lead into a whole extended fantasy.


• Follow Up •

If you are feeling better, you can just get on with your day, or if you want, you can continue to do this a few more times on whatever challenging thought pops up.   

Once you are feeling pretty good, that's a great time to stop, and distract yourself, and deliberately go do something fun!



Here are two examples of how you might do the Three-Point Turn ...


1.  I notice I'm feeling really cranky and overwhelmed.  Yes, I feel cranky and overwhelmed right now.    Ok, got it.  (Check how that feels.  If it feels accurate that’s good enough.  And sometimes just naming your feeling creates a sense of relief.)

2.  What I would prefer is to feel happier.  I would prefer to feel good.  I would prefer to feel like I can handle these things, no problem.  (Check if that feels like a bit of relief.)

3.  Wouldn't it be nice if I could just feel better and actually have a good day here. It would be great to turn it around and start to feel like things are going my way. It would be really nice to have things working.  For example, it would be so nice to have this project I'm working on work out really well. I would love to feel like this is easy.  Yes, that would be nice.  I would love for it to be easy.  That would be so cool.    (Check how this feels.)


1.  I notice that I’m thinking that I don't have enough money to take a vacation this year, and I feel frustrated.  (Check how that feels.)

2.  I would prefer to believe I will find a way to go on vacation, and that the means are going to come to me somehow.  I would prefer to believe that’s possible, even though I don’t know how it’s going to happen right now.  (Check if that feels like a bit of relief.)

3.  Wouldn't it be nice to go to Greece.  OMG I can see that blue water now.  And I love the idea of sitting at some cafe, overlooking the beautiful sea, eating a Greek salad!  Do they even eat Greek salad in Greece?  I guess I'll find out.  I would love to go parasailing too, so I can look down into the water and...  (You get the idea.)

Here's a video I made to add to this info... It contains the instructions plus a little more explanation about why and how it works.

Join us if you want extra support!

I hope you will let yourself enjoy this practice!  

You can get extra support by joining us in the Blissipline group.  You can post your questions or practice sessions.  You can come to a live call, practice on your own, set an alarm and do it several times a day, whatever you want!

Joy is available to you!

Let's rock this!

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Mindful March


Mindful March

Starting on March 1st, a bunch of us are going to practice Mindful March, 31 Days of Mindfulness.

I will be posting daily in the Blissipline group, and inviting you to share your own practices and insights. 

I know it will be fun and inspiring to read what others have to share and I have a feeling a lot of us are going to find ways to feel really good, alive, present and aligned!

If you'd like to participate, click here

I'll also be sending out a daily reminder, so if you want to receive that, then once you're in the group, "friend" me, and you will automatically receive the reminder.  

31 days of mindful delight... mmm hmmm... what might that lead to??!





Welcome to Blissipline!

I'm so glad you found this page!  

This could be the start of a new way of living that is easy, fun, and brings you everything you want!  (No kidding!)


Another definition of Blissipline I like to use is:  

Blissipline is the unwavering determination to focus only on things
which lead me in the direction of happiness.

  • Blissipline is a kind of discipline that trains you to focus on what you want.
  • It's a fun practice because it feels good every step of the way.  
  • Day-by-day, moment-by-moment, it leads you in the direction of what you love, what you want, what gives you the most joy.
  • It's the easiest and fastest way to creating the life you want.
  • And it's a great source of fun and joy on the journey there!

But you don't need to take my word for it.  You can spend some time exploring it and see how it works for you.

To get started, join the Blissipline group on Facebook.  It's totally free and offers daily support in learning the tools and techniques that will support you in creating the life you want!

Click here to join the conversation:

And, as a free gift from me,  download the Ebook, Creating My Magical Year, 2017, and get started today on creating the best life you can imagine!


Uplift Me!


Uplift Me!

I created this page so that we can share suggestions for movies, books, songs, and anything else that we find uplifting and that moves us into a higher vibration.    Unlike a FB post, this page won't just disappear, so we can come back months later to get or share ideas.

So please, share the wealth!  

What have you seen, or heard, or read that you found uplifting?  

Feel free to post in the comments, and let me encourage you to include:

  • The title
  • What it is (movie, TV show, music video, book, etc)
  • What you liked about it
  • Any other comments you feel might help people

In general, let me suggest things without violence, but if there is some violence and you feel like it's still uplifting, just mention that in the comments.  I personally don't mind swearing, but maybe make a note of that too, in case others find it hard to digest!

Suggestions for a better way to do this page are also welcome!  This is just a start!

Whoo hooo, let's have some fun!


3 x 17 Seconds


3 x 17 Seconds

Let's do this game for one week, starting tomorrow morning, June 4th.

First thing tomorrow morning, choose three subjects, and spend 17 seconds just lightly focusing on the aspects you like of each one. Then watch what happens over the course of the day, and report back.

That's all! Simple, right?

We will do this for 7 days, and check in and share the delightful signs of alignment we experience!

If you'd like to receive a daily reminder, just do these two things:

1.  Join the Blissipline group

2.  "Friend" me on Facebook.


Here's the Abe quote that inspired me to post this. Thanks again to the amazing Swati Pal for these transcriptions!

'We would encourage that every day for the next week, first thing in the morning, you choose, lightly, three subjects and spend 17 seconds on each of them. In other words, actually sit and focus and do it. And then watch what happens in that day, usually in the first hour of your day, as the Universe shows you how responsive it is to your thought.

And once you play this game for a week or two, you’re going to know two things:
1. You’re going to know that you DO have the ability to focus, you DO have the ability to line up Energy.
2. You’re going to know that the Universe is willing and ready to respond to your vibration.

And once you’ve played this game for a week or two, you can literally take any subject that you choose, focus upon it here and there, and we would encourage you -- let’s say you have a subject, such as dollars, that you are wanting to focus upon --take a run at it from a thousand different directions.

In other words, you can spend 17 seconds remembering the best vacation you ever had. Or 17 seconds remembering the prettiest thing you ever saw in a store window. Or 17 seconds thinking about balancing your check-book. Or 17 seconds thinking of paying off all of your bills. In other words, 17 seconds—it’s just a little dab here and a little dab here and a little dab here—will go so much further than you have any idea in lining up your Energy.

We would encourage you to start with 17 seconds. Play the 17-second game for a week or two and watch, watch what that nets you.'


p.s. Since Abe has said it's sped up and now it's more like 14.5 seconds to spark the first LOA connection, feel free to do 15 if you prefer, or you can SPLURGE and do the whole luxurious 17!



30 Days of Gratitude

Starting May 1st, a bunch of us are going to practice 30 days of gratitude.  We're going to base it on this very cool graphic that I stumbled upon.  

I will be posting daily and inviting you to share what you're grateful for!  I bet it will be fun and inspiring to read what others have to share.  If you'd like to participate, click here

I'll also be sending out a daily reminder, so if you want to receive that, then once you're in the group, "friend" me, and you will automatically receive the reminder.  

30 days of deliberately feeling good... mmm hmmm... what might that lead to??!










Note:  This image comes from the website,, so a big thank you to them for creating a great meme!