What if you really can Be, Do, and Have

whatever you want...?

What if no matter how stuck you feel, the path to

what you want is actually simple and easy...?

What if this could be YOUR Best Year Ever...?

Many of us find ourselves right on the edge of getting what we want, but somehow, can't seem to find that tipping point to make it really happen.  

  • Maybe you have created a pretty good life, but feel stuck about finding your way to the next step...
  • Maybe you have managed to find good work, but the longer you're there, the clearer it is that it sure isn't your dream job...
  • Maybe you're always hovering just below financial wellbeing.
  • Or maybe there's that one big dream -- the one you REALLY want to have happen.  But as the years pass, you are less and less clear that you're going to make it actually become a reality, and you're thinking it may not happen...

A lot of us make a little headway (or even a lot of headway) but find when we get close to the change we really want, our old habits pop up and trip us...


But here's the good news...

This is very normal!  

And there's a solution.

We have worked with a lot of great people to help them find their way to creating the life they want, and often we'll discover there's one little mindset shift that makes all the difference.  

There has been a certain way of looking at things that kept them going the way they have always gone, and when they shift that, suddenly ... BOOM! ... everything else begins to change.

To speed this up, we've created a program called “The Science & Magic of Conscious Creating” to help you make HUGE CHANGES in your life in just eight weeks!

  • Imagine if in the next eight weeks,  you could watch some major area in your life transform!  
  • Imagine if eight weeks from now, you could KNOW you have the tools to respond to whatever arises and turn it to your advantage.
  • Imagine getting support for a full six months so that you REALLY integrate the changes in your life.

If this excites you, this comprehensive program can help you create the major life changes you really want!

Here are what a few of our recent participants had to say:

"My approach to both solving problems and creating the experiences that I like is different now.  I had so many concrete results, particularly in my work.  I got the exact regular teaching position I had wanted, I was able to stay at the same school, the principle promised me everything I needed, and she was even ready to convince me not to leave. The highlight was getting to be nominated Class Teacher of the Year.  And then there were all the small signs of alignment with what I wanted:  getting free coffee, meals, spa visits etc.  Having mindful moments more often. Better relations with people who I have thought to be problematic. (They are behaving well and I can tell that they are not the ones who have changed tremendously!)  The program worked for me, plus it was f-u-n!"


"The program is fabulous!   In fact, my results speak volumes! 

During the weeks this course took place I experienced several amazing manifestations, all of which were completely unexpected!  Including...  

  • An offer from the IRS to extend the due date of a tax bill way longer than I could ever have hoped for (and I never asked for an extension).  
  • A free vacation in Cancun, Mexico that, unbeknownst to me, I qualified for through my work.  
  • An increase in my monthly income of more than 50% - which has continued each month since. 

Even though I've been a student of conscious creation for years, this program presented new information, and in a way that clarified everything including practices that are most helpful in securing and maintaining focus and clarity. 

This course is tremendous!  Thank you!"


"It was an amazing process! Those weeks were full of excitement and I was eagerly waiting for the day of the week for next session!  It was an almost like a one-on-one training, with so very personal an approach, while still giving the opportunity for feedback and reactions from the whole group, so it was not only useful, but also alive, enjoyable, with interesting dialogue, from a direct, live approach, much less intellectual and more practical, which is overall a much more lasting experience than a classic type of class."


"I especially appreciated the neurology parts. I'm not a science buff but having explanations as to why I feel lousy or can't calm down was enlightening.  I felt it was very valuable and would recommend it to anyone."


"Very precious information and also absolutely loving, friendly, devoted attention towards every member of the group, dedication to help and give useful support for the group all along, with every info, sentence, exercise, and piece of advice you gave. Absolutely precious!!"


"The course was exactly what I needed. Eye opening, and healing.  I would recommend it a million times over!"


"I always felt uplifted afterwards.  I used the Three Point Pivot a lot.  I also took away the "How does this fit in with my plan to feel good?" you cited on a call.  I especially appreciate your unique way of presenting the materials and engaging with everyone and your presentation of new info.  I would recommend it to anyone wanting to put Conscious Creating into action in life."

So, why take action now?

Well, imagine what your life would be like if you KNEW you had the tools to finally do the major things you’ve been wanting to do.

  • Launch that dream business.

  • Start being paid to create the art you love.

  • Travel to the places you've been longing to go.

  • Heal relationships and situations that have been causing you worry or pain.

  • Free yourself from debt and create the income to pursue the lifestyle you want.


It’s not only possible...

It's easier than you might think!


Mary's Story

You might not believe me…  there was a time that I wouldn’t have believed this either.  There were years when I was really struggling, and this would have sounded like a fairy tale.  But I know it’s true, because I’ve seen such incredible results both for myself and my clients.  

Let me tell you a little about my story so you understand what I’m talking about…

Some years ago, I was living in a one-bedroom apartment in the Bronx in New York City, working hard to build a career as a therapist.  I had completed an amazing and challenging four-year training program, graduating at the top of my class.  I was doing really great work with my clients, and they were experiencing powerful results. 

you could say, I was successful.

But this wasn’t translating into financial well-being or happiness for me.  Every month was a scramble of trying to figure out which bills I could get away with postponing, trying to get money in the bank before the automatic payments went through, paying the late fees when I didn’t manage to do that, and wincing every time I had to use a credit card to pay for some necessity, when I knew I would just be making the minimum payment again next month.

Additionally I was stressed out...  Not just about money, but also about time.  About my future.  About my self worth.  About pretty much everything.

It was exhausting.

Fast forward to today:

I’m writing from my private office in my beautiful home, which I own.  I live on 7 gorgeous acres, surrounded by woods, with a sunny deck and a full-size swimming pool.  I make a six-figure income, working part time, doing work I really love.  I’m married to a wonderful woman who is both inspiring and loving and also challenges me to grow every day.  I’m surrounded by a community of empowering positive people who support my growth and happiness, and who I enjoy supporting too. 

And on top of all that, I helped found a dog rescue, and I support it with the money I earn.  We have saved more than 100 dogs and found many of them new homes, which feels so good! 

And after all, that's what success is really about... 

feeling good about what you do!

I now have an amazing life!  But back in the Bronx, I could never have imagined the life I now have.  And I certainly had no idea how to get here.

So what made the difference between then and now?

I learned how to harness the power of conscious creating.  

And we can teach you to do it too.

"Mary's great gift as a teacher and therapist is to make people feel seen and heard without feeling judged. This is harder than it sounds. We bring our most vulnerable self into this work, and the merest hint of disapproval can shut us down.   But big work also requires change, and Mary doesn't just affirm, affirm, affirm. She gently and kindly guides you to other possibilities.  She's amazing when it comes to contacting something painful and staying there with you, showing you that you can actually move through these difficulties. Then, by listening closely, she figures out steps toward healthy change and suggests them in a spirit of optimism, reassuring you that she'll be there on the way.  I've worked with a lot of therapists, and I know how rare is her ability to make a client feel supported, safe and loved."
Virginia V,  Mindfulness Workshop Participant

Ramona's Story

In 2001, I was living the stressed-out “success” lifestyle with my life partner, Betty: fighting commuter traffic and working 60 to 80-hour weeks as the Executive Director of a nonprofit organization in Maryland.

Sure we were making money, and we had a lot of prestige, and people thought we were doing great, but we were exhausted.

Betty and I spent many hours talking, researching, and strategizing how we could possible “get out of the rat race.” I read hundreds of business and self-help books, and took numerous business courses and real estate investment courses. We started multiple businesses, and invested in real estate.

But things just weren’t working out. 

We suffered several catastrophic betrayals by close “friends” and business partners, and we lost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In a renewed attempt to create a happier way of living, I reduced my Executive Director workload and took on whole other careers, learned new skills, studied marketing and sales, developed new networks, created vision boards, hired success coaches, attended Tony Robbins workshops, walked on fire, and even studied at the Robbins Madanes Institute.  

We really “tried everything!”

But no matter what we did or learned, neither Betty nor I could seem to overcome our mindsets. 

What we wanted was to reduce our workload while increasing our income, while still doing work we love.  After all that education and exposure to real people who were actually doing it, I certainly knew it was possible.  But we just could not figure it out for ourselves. It always seems like one step forward, two steps back.  

We were overwhelmed and losing hope.

Then in 2014, my beloved Betty was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and that was that. The end of all my hopes and dreams.

One week after her death, I was at the lowest point I had ever been. I was bereft and grief-stricken. I couldn’t bear to look at my vision board.  I tore it up, thinking it was just full of lies.  I was actually in the process of preparing for my own suicide, when the phone rang. Crying and hysterical, I answered. it…and that call saved my life.

It was the beginning of a completely new understanding of what was possible. 

I learned about Abraham-Hicks, and those teachings about unconditional love gave me hope.

That led me to Kyle Cease, whose messages of humor renewed my vitality.

That led me to daily meditation, which allowed me to connect with my own faith and inner knowing.

I came to understand my own Inner Truth and honed my capacity to focus on the triad of intentions I came to understand as my purpose:  Joy, Freedom and Growth.

Add in everything I had already learned from Tony Robbins and countless earlier teachers, and top it off with an invigorating daily practice of mindfulness, appreciation and joy, and I was in business!

In time, I came to understand that Betty’s death

was actually the best gift I ever received.

It broke me wide open, to allow the truth into my heart and my mind.

Since that year, my life has continued to transform and grow.  Now I live happily in beautiful, tropical Naples, Florida in a gorgeous condo.  I don’t work that much, and when I am working, I look out on a beautiful vista that includes an ever changing view of gorgeous and inspiring wildlife.  I recently bought my first Lexus, which I am so excited about!  I live the easy lifestyle I wanted so much.

My work life has transformed too!  In Mary, I have found the perfect business partner.  We are constantly supporting one another in finding ways to develop client offerings that reflect our true integrity, and create success for our clients and ourselves!   I love working with both my private clients and in groups to support people in creating the lives they only imagine.  I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to help others achieve their own dreams, and to walk a walk I feel proud of.

These days, more and more, I find that I love myself and others unconditionally, I am surrounded by a loving and uplifting network of friends and colleagues, and I no longer worry about money or the future.

And I love, love, love teaching others how they can accomplish similar things in their own lives.

“Ramona has been a tremendous asset to me as I was starting and now building my business!  She sees the big picture so accurately and so easily.  And she makes it all fun and lighthearted.  I hear her frequently in my mind, quoting some teacher she used to have, saying "It's gonna to be aaaaaaaaaaaall raght!"  And immediately my shoulders drop and I can breathe again!  Who knew that numbers and money could be so easy, and so fun!  Thank you Ramona, from the bottom of my heart!”
~Linda L, Coaching Client

So how can we help you?

WEll... we have developed a secret formula!

Ok, not really a secret, but we have never seen anyone else offer this combination of powerful tools.  This unique formula addresses the real challenges that people face in figuring out how to create the life they want.  It's a combination of...

  • The Power of Mindfulness, the ability to connect with the present moment, which is the starting point for any meaningful change.  PLUS...
  • The Wisdom of Neuroscience, developing the skill to manage your thoughts and feelings, even the unconscious ones, so that they can finally stop getting in your way.  PLUS...
  • The Skill of Conscious Creating, effectively applying what people call The Law of Attraction.  PLUS...
  • A host of other recent scientific discoveries that are revealing how the universe really works!

In The Science & Magic of Conscious Creating, you will:

  • Learn to create what you want with ease.

  • Start to have more fun in your life than you ever dreamed possible.

  • Build the absolute confidence that you CAN make your vision a reality --  yes, we are talking about that big  vision you’ve been holding in your heart!

  • Understand how to prove to yourself how the Universe really works.

  • Fill in the missing pieces that are preventing Conscious Creating from working for you.

  • Clear up any confusion you have about your own ability to practice Conscious Creating.

  • And understand, once and for all, that YOU COULD NOT BE MORE WORTHY, and you CAN have what you want!


The bottom line... 

You will develop a deep and sure sense of confidence

in YOUR ability to create the life YOU want.


This kind of meaningful change takes time and practice, and we are dedicated to your success, so we have not only created a comprehensive, results based, 8-week program, we ALSO provide a full 6 months of ongoing support for you to implement your changes.  This gives us time to really make this work!  

For example, chances are pretty good you will encounter some obstacles and resistance!  In fact, the truth is, whatever has always stopped you in the past is very likely to come up again. 

But this time we will address it together, and we will work through those habits and blocks, building your understanding of what's going on and your skill set to address it, so you can find the solution you have been looking for!

The Science and Magic program is going to be personally focused on you and your specific needs.  In order to support that personal focus, you will receive:
  • A carefully structured 8-week process that will lead you step by step to mastery of Conscious Creating,

  • A live Q&A call every week.   This session will allow us zero in on your specific challenges and successes.

  • A personal session with each of us!  Yes, just for you, two completely private sessions where you can focus in particularly on YOUR needs, and YOUR challenges and get our full guidance and attention.

  • A Full Set of Recordings.  All calls will be recorded, and you will be able to download them to review them whenever you want and to keep them forever.

  • A Totally Private Facebook Group.  This group will be ONLY for this class.  Group support is so powerful!  It helps you focus on the specific skills you are learning, and give you a chance to ask questions any time, day or night.  We will be responding to your questions on this forum, and offering specific coaching on any issue that comes up.  That's a lot of support!

“I've never met a more compassionate, non-judgmental person than Ramona Galey.  She listens to me so well, giving me the breathing space I need to find my own truth within me.  Her ‘tips and tricks’ and tools for accurately assessing what's going on with me, as well as for purposefully changing my direction of thought and state, and therefore the results I get, are second to none!”

~Andrea F, Coaching Client

"Short sessions with Mary are worth more than sessions twice as long with others. Mary gets right to the heart of the matter with clear insight and keen understanding of the fastest and most effective ways to help me to point myself in a better-feeling direction.  I have come away with hints, tips, and instant eye-opening techniques that I am always excited to use.  Mary supports me to be self-healing; that's a rare healer indeed."
~Rhonda Uretzky, Conscious Creating Participant and Author of The Blissful Warrior: Living the Paradox of Peace and Passion for Today's Empowered Woman

You CAN make this the year that you jumpstart your perfect abundant life.

However, this program is not for everyone.

Consider this:

The results we mentioned are the kinds of results we are getting for ourselves and for our clients. If we can do it for us and for them, we can do it for you, if you are truly on board to do it!

We've set aside some time to speak to you over the next few days. We'll get on the phone for about 45 minutes. On that call, we'll lay out a plan to enable you to hit your goals this year, whether they be vocation or income goals, life-style improvements, mindset changes, health issues, or whatever...

...while feeling GRRRREAT about yourself.

Yes, it's a bold promise.

But after seeing so many clients create life-transforming results, we feel very comfortable making it. The plan we craft together will be SIMPLE, CLEAR, and light years ahead of anything you've heard from anyone else.  After all, we are specializing in helping clients just like you.

Our stuff works. And we know that if we work together, and you stay coachable, decisive, and resourceful, there is NO limit to what you can achieve in your life. 

That's why we need you to read this next part carefully:

There's NO CHARGE for our one-on-one consultation.

But it's not for everyone.

Here's Who We Can Help:

We help people who feel stuck in making some major change in their lives, so that they are finally able to achieve their dreams, such as:

  • Improve their time/money balance
  • Make career transitions
  • Improve their health
  • Create deeper connections with loved ones
  • Create businesses to support a lifestyle of joy, freedom, and satisfaction.

We are committed to supporting REAL change, so we only work with people who are:

  • Wanting and ready to make a major life change
  • Willing to commit to a daily mindfulness practice
  • Determined to take full responsibility for their own experiences
  • Coachable and open to changing their mindsets in targeted areas
  • Ready to invest in themselves and their dreams

If you like to "kick tires," or sign up for things and not follow through, this is NOT for you. Maintaining a 100% client success rate is VERY important to us.  If you are serious about results, we want to meet you!

That's it!   If you meet these requirements, we're good.  So, here's what to do next:

Click here to see our calendar...

Select whatever appointment time works for you.  Sometimes they all fill up, so if there aren't any spots, click here to contact us, and we will find a time that works for you.

After you register, you'll receive an email with a link to a short application form.  Give it a little time and thought so that we can get to know a bit about you and what you want to accomplish.  Once you complete the application form, your appointment is confirmed and we will contact you at the time you have chosen!

If you have been waiting to make your life pop, make that appointment now...

The worst that will happen is that you or we will decide the program isn't for you.  

The best that will happen is you will create the life of your dreams!


With love and appreciation for you and your future!

~ Mary and Ramona