Thriving in Practice



Our commitment is to support you in creating a prosperous and balanced life that includes satisfaction and success in all three of the major aspects of your life, namely:

 Wellbeing, Time-Money Balance, and Contribution.

Only when these three are in balance can you can truly THRIVE! 


Thriving is your birthright! 


Thriving is totally possible for you!


Some time back, our Founder, Mary Myers, was looking at the Abraham-Hicks vibrational scale, which lists the various stages of feelings from the bottom with Depression and Hopelessness, up through more neutral feelings, and all the way to Joy, Empowerment, and Freedom.

She realized that as a therapist, she was working almost exclusively on the lower half of the scale, focused on dealing with depression, anxiety, fear, worry, but almost never on joy, enthusiasm, and the experiences on the top half of the scale.

So she decided to turn that around and began studying thriving, especially among healing professionals.   Over time, it became clear that the therapeutic focus on negative states affects the wellbeing of Healing Professionals in ways that undermine their happiness and success.  And so, Thriving in Practice was born.

Thriving is a state of mind that requires practice. 

Since then she has partnered with Ramona Galey, Success Coach and Business Expert, to develop a powerful and effective system to help people create thriving lives.  We help two groups of people:

1.  Individuals who are ready and highly motivated to make big changes in their lives.

2. Healing Professionals who want to create a practice that has them truly thriving in all areas of their business and life. 

Here are a few of the things our clients have said about our work together:


The term "life changing" is thrown around a lot, but your class has really changed my life in ways that are both subtle and extremely profound.  I'm looking forward to taking the second part of the class and incorporating more of the work into my daily life. 


I no longer feel heavy and trapped.  I no longer make decisions that continually hurt me.  I attract healthy relationships because I have a healthy relationship with myself.


I feel as if I have an anchor through good times and hard.  I'm much more grounded, aware, and able to access calm than I used to be.  And in the inevitable times when things get challenging, I have a reliable toolbox to help me out..


I never knew what thriving was before.  I think I was just ok with being ok.  But now I know what it feels like to wake up in the morning with a sense of possibility and enthusiasm.  Thank you for helping me find the work that really gives my life meaning and for teaching me tools to make each moment a wonderful moment!


If you would like to learn how Thriving in Practice can benefit you, click here:

(We're serious about OUR thriving too, and so we now work only about 20 to 30 hours a week.  That means we only offer a few Clarity Call sessions a week, so send us a message today, and we will get you in as soon as possible!)

With a deep commitment to our mutual well-being,

~ Mary and Ramona